Sports Bets

Soccer Bets – Giving you your entire wager back if it doesn’t win may sound unusual but some of the leading sportsbooks will do just that if there consolation rules dictate such, but only if another event happens during or at the conclusion of the soccer match.  One such rule will dictate that if a certain player scores a goal first or last during the game and your wager (whatever it was) loses then they will refund it!

UK bookmakers and sportsbooks in particular tend to offer this rule so keep your eyes peeled for them, as they do often pay off and there can be no better feeling than getting your stakes returned from an otherwise losing bet!

Golf Bets – Betting on golf has become one of the biggest sports betting events and with every serious golfer having an opinion on who is the best player then you can see why!  One consolation bet to keep your eyes peeled for is when a sportsbook will offer you an additional free bet that is equal to your wager should your bet lose but the golfer you wagered on is beaten in a play off, not a common event but they can and do happen, and once again getting your money back on a losing bet can only be a good thing, so make sure you shop around for such sportsbetting rules.

Greyhound Racing Bets – Often seen as a dying sports betting event greyhound racing does seem to attract a certain crowd of punter, and sports books are knowledgeable enough to know that the most common wager placed on such events is a forecast or tricast wager.  These often go by many different names, but they simply mean you are placing a wager that either two selections will come first or second in a race or in the case of a tricast you will select three dogs and they need to come in first, second and third.

What sportsbooks will often do is roundup the winning dividend to the next full dollar, euro or pound amount, it may not sound like much but if you are placing such bets regularly they can have a dramatic effect on your overall returns.

Horse Racing Bets – The “sport of kings” is available every day and with the different world time zones you can practically bet 24/7 should you wish. There are a whole range of sports bets that can be placed on horse racing and each punter will have his favorite. The most common is of course a win bet, you simply place your bet on the horse you think will come first and if it does you get paid out. But should the stewards find anything wrong with the running of the race then sometimes they can over turn the result and disqualify horses, after a stewards enquiry. If this happens to your wager you won’t forget it in a hurry and it can really sour your experience, but ever vigilant to such events some sportsbooks now offer a “first past the post” sportsbet rule. This simply states that whichever horse passes the winning post first it will be deemed the winner and if it is disqualified from first place then you will still get paid out, additionally punters who backed the horse which is promoted to first place will also get paid out. This means two winners for a horse race!

Boxing Bets – This is another very popular sports bet, sitting down to watch a boxing match when you have wagered a few dollars on the outcome will make it a much more enjoyable experience, more so if your judgement was correct and you do indeed back the winner. Some sportsbooks have now started to offer a special consolation rule. This rule will state something along the lines of, if your boxer gets knocked out in a certain round all your losing bets will be returned, obviously you want your boxer to win the match, but should he get knocked out in the correct round then at least you won’t have lost anything on it!

Grand Prix Bets – You either love watching a Grand Prix or hate it, but once again there are many people who love placing a sports wager on these events, and one rule you should be looking out for is if the sportsbook will return your stake should your driver be the first to retire from the race. Watching your chosen driver being forced to retire first can be devastating but once again the returning of your stakes will soften the blow, so check whether this rule is in play as it could save you being doubly disappointed!