Money Lines

Many new or novice sportsbettors can get themselves confused over money lines, to be honest at first glance to someone who has never placed a sports bet before they do indeed look complicated.

So to give you a little more information on money lines allow us to explain, in plain English how they work.

A Money Line will always be shown as: Team A +120 Team B -130 (the figures will be different but they will always be presented as such, with the name of the teams that are taking part in the event both being listed).

To put it very easily to understand, in our example above you will see that the team mentioned last team B are the favorite, which means they are deemed the most likely winner of the sporting event and their money line is -130

You can tell instantly which team is the most likely winner as they have the minus figure before the number and as such this simply means that you would have to place a wager of $130 to get a payout of $100 if they win.

As another example if the team’s money line is -170 then you would have to place a wager of $170 to win an additional $100.

Now the second team which is deemed the most likely loser have their money line listed as +120 and this simply means that if you place a $100 wager on that team and they go onto win the event then you will be given winnings of $120. If for example this figure was +190, then you would get winnings of $190 on your wager if they won the match or event.

It is worth bearing in mind that not all sportsbooks will offer the same money lines on any event, in fact there are often big differences in these money lines and as such if you have chosen a team who you are convinced is going to win an event then it can and does pay to check around to maximize your potential returns.

It is the volume of money that will always dictate the money line of any event and the sportsbook will adjust it when they have taken a specific amount of money on one team or another, so don’t be shocked if you see them fluctuate before the event begins, this is simply the sportsbook balancing their exposure.