Live Odds

As there is so much competition between sportsbooks, each one wanting your action and promise the best odds, there can often be times when it is possible to wager on both teams in a sporting event and guarantee that whichever one wins you will end up in profit!

This often occurs in many different sporting events, but soccer matches give you the best chance of a no lose, guaranteed winning opportunity.

European sportsbooks will offer odds on either a home team winning, the away team winning or the soccer match ending in a draw, their odds have a built in house edge which is often referred too as the over-round and this figure is a theoretical profit they will make if their sportsbooks are balanced.

For example if the odds on the home team winning are 1.82, a Draw is 3.65 and an away team win odds is 5.00 then the over-round is 102.4% meaning the sportsbook will profit by $2.40 for every $100 wagered.

To take advantage of a no lose, risk free bet you need to shop around different sportsbooks and find a combined over-round of less than 100, you do this by a simple mathematical equation which we have listed below. Based on the following odds Home Team win will pay odds of 1.95 a Draw pays 3.70 and an Away Team win pays 5.80.

To work out the over-round on the home team you simply divide $1 by 1.95 = 0.51 To work out the over-round on the draw you divide $1 by 3.70 = 0.27 To work out the over-round on the away team win you will have to divide $1 by 5.80 = 0.17 Next all you have to do is simply add up the totals of each sum IE 0.51+.027+0.17= 0.95, and as this is less than 1 (I.E. 0.95) it is now possible to win 5 cents from every 0,95 cents you wager!