Sports Betting

Many people place a sports bet as a hobby or a way of making the watching a sporting event a little more exciting, there are some people who like to classify themselves as professional sports bettors.

But whichever category you fall into one fact cannot be escapable and that is when it comes to placing a wager on any sporting event not only can it be fun it can also be very rewarding!

The feeling of placing and then winning a sports bet is great, and with the advent of the internet the savvy sportsbettor can find a huge difference in odds and money lines being offered.

By not only knowing where to look but also shopping around the amounts you could win vary greatly and in this section of the website we shall take a little closer look at everything there is to know about sports betting.

Sports Betting Sites

We won’t list a huge number of sites that are safe to play at as we feel that it is much more practical to give you some major pointers which you should checkout for yourself at whichever sports betting site has got your attention.

There are literally hundreds of them available online and there are good ones and bad ones, so by taking a few simple steps you stand a much more sporting chance of finding a good one at which to wager.

Being both regulated and licensed makes a sportsbook stand out from the crowd so check whether the site you are thinking of wagering at is licensed by one of the better know jurisdictions.  One such place is the UK, they recently launched their own gaming commission to oversee all sportbooks and bookmakers, so if you see a site regulated by the UK then you will have no problems whatsoever, and if you do you have people in place ready to help.

Another quality you should be looking out for is the odds on offer, there will be huge variations in odds for any sporting event and a savvy punter can make a huge difference to their potential returns by closely monitoring these odds.

In fact some websites have sprung up which list dozens of sportsbook and allow you to check, in one simple glance which site is offering the biggest odds for any sports event, some sites even offer a software package that will allow you to track them from your desktop.

There is no getting away from the fact that as a sportsbettor, recreational or professional you want to maximize your returns so always without fail make sure you have the optimum odds for whichever event you are placing a wager on.

Sports Betting Rules

Ok, so you have found a site you like and one that not only is licensed and regulated but also offers the best odds, there is now something else you should checkout, and that is their sportsbet event rules.

These are usually run along side the house rules and will give you a  range of additional benefits for whatever event you are wagering on, these are often called consolation rules or specials and keep your eyes peeled for them as they can be quite fruitful.

Below to give you a brief outline of what you can get simply by tracking down these specials we have listed some of the most common type of consolation wagers that can be and are regularly offered.