Live Roulette

The one name that is synonymous with live roulette and one that many casino plays will be very familiar with is Super Casino, being not only a live online casino they are one of the most unique in as much as they also broadcast live on both Sky and UK terrestrial television, their show can be seen each night of the week over on Channel 5, and with this station now being the home of Big Brother that means even more people are going to stumble on their live casino game offerings of which roulette makes up just a small tine part.

Understanding what exactly a live casino is isn’t hard, it is simply a way for players to gamble on the game of roulette from home or anywhere they happen to be but their wagers are being placed on a real land based casino wheel via the medium of the internet and you then get to watch the game unfold before you eyes meaning it is one of only a few ways to guarantee that you are getting a fair and honest game.

To take part in the fun and games you need to first visit the Super Casino website and then register to become a real money player, just click on the register tab and fill in the online form,make sure all of your information that you supply is correct and valid as this will be what is used to verify both your age and also to send your winnings back to you so don’t make any mistakes or it may delay payment of your winnings!

After you have filled out the sign up form and have registered as a new player you will be given a completely unique user name and a password which is needed to access the site and log in, treat this as a top secret as this information is known only to you!

To play the live casino games all that you will have to do next is to to log into and then you will of course need to transfer some funds into your Super Casino account, you can use any high street banks credit or debit cards alternatively you may prefer to use one of the many different web wallet type accounts of which there are many to choose from.

Select the cashier button then select a method you would like to use, and fill in the deposit details and then instantly be transferred from your chosen method and placed instantly into your Super Casino account, any bonus you may have claimed is going to be credited instantly to your account so all that remains for you to do is to sit down and play.

Playing Live Roulette

The live casino game menu is easy to navigate and you will clearly see the selection of games which are currently live and up and running just click one of them and they will launch, when it launches you will see the roulette wheel live video stream and also the roulette table betting layout, along with the chat room.

Should you fancy any light hearted banter with your fellow players then you can do just that simply type in what ever it is you want to say, oh and keep it clean! Then simply press the send button.

You will be able to place your chips on the wheel only when the last game in play has finished, and to do just that you simply need to choose a value of your casino chips then point and click where on the roulette tables betting layout you want your chips to lay, you can place as few or as many chips onto the layout but they must fall within the table stakes minimum and maximum bets. This information is clearly shown on the table.

The Croupier will announce when no more bets are to be placed on to the live roulette table and once she is ready she (or he) will set the ball in motion, you will then zoom in via the video stream and be able to see the ball as it bounces around the wheel and finally comes to a complete stop.

Once the wheel has stopped the winning number will be announced and losing chips are removed from the layout and all winning wagers are paid out, your winnings will then instantly be credited to your live casino account.