Roulette Inside vs Outside Bets

There are a set of unique wagers which you can place directly onto on a live roulette wheel which are known as the outside bets, they are not hard to locate on the betting layout as, they are all positioned on the outside rim of the layout.

The first one we wish to tell you about is the Low Number bet covers all of the numbers from one to eighteen in value, by laying chips down on this particular wager if any of those low numbers spin in then you will get yourself a payback which is worth even money, so by placing a bet worth let’s say 1.00 bet on this position and if it wins you will get 2.00 back.

There is another popular outside bet and this one is the High Number bet this one as the name suggests covers all of the numbers from 19 to 36, and the pay backs on this wager should of course you manage to win when placing this kind of wager then you will get paid out at odds of even money.

The most popular outside bet has to be the Red or Black bet and if you opt to place a wager on the red or black position on the roulette layout then should it be spun in (the one you chose of course) you will win a payout of even money of your staked amount.

Another way of betting on the outside of the layout is by placing an Odds or Even bet and should you think the next number to be spun in will be odds or even then place the wager and if successful you will receive another even money payout.

The one bet which is a good one by virtue of its regular hitting pattern is the Dozen bet and placing this allows for three possible outcomes the first dozen wager covers the numbers from one to twelve, the second dozen numbers cover the numbers 13 to 24 and the third dozen set of numbers are those from 25 to 36 inclusive, bet on any of these dozen wagers and when they spin in that is any number in a dozen you have bet on then you get a payout which is worth 2 to 1 of your total staked amount on that position on the dozen betting layout.

The final bet we want to tell you about in this section is the column bet and this lets you bet on a total of 12 numbers, there are three of these column bets available and they cover all of the numbers in each column, for a guide to which numbers simply look at the roulette table layout and you will instantly see which numbers they are!

Inside Wagers on the Roulette Table

The main and better paying betting propositions on the roulette table are those classified as the Inside Bet, you are going to find loads of different ways to use and place wagers on these and to help you understand each one we have listed them below for you, take a little time reading through them as they can be a little confusing at first but you will soon get the hang of them.

The first inside wager we want to tell you about is the Straight Up bet placing this bet requires you to put your chips on the middle of any one of the numbers on the roulette tables betting layout, choose any of the thirty six numbers or you may prefer to place a wager on the zero, if you have chosen spinning in and you will receive a payout worth 35 to 1 of the total bet amount you put onto that particular number.

Another fairly high paying betting position on the layout has to be the Split bet this lets you bet on two numbers on the layout which are side by side of each other on the layout, so for example you can wager on number 28 and 29 or 2 and 3 all you need to do to bet on these is to place this wager just put your chip or chips on the line separating the two numbers, if this bet wins you get a payout worth 17 to 1.

Another bet you need to be award of is the Street bet will cover any three numbers which are position in any particular row on the roulette table this could be 7, 8 and 9 or 31, 32 and 33 etc. To lay this wager all you need to do it to place your chips on the outer side of the street of numbers should after the spin any of the three numbers spin in you will get a payout worth 11 to 1.

A rare and rather not commonly placed wager is the Top Line bet and this covers the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 you place this wager on the outside corner of the 0 and 1 numbered squares, you will be covering all four numbers and get a payout worth 8 to 1 if any of these four individual numbers then go on to be spun in.

You may also like to place what is known as a Corner bet or a Square bet this lets you bet on four numbers like the above Top Line bet, simple get your chip or chips and put them on the junction of any four side by side numbers such as 1, 2, 4 and 5 for example and this gives you a payout worth 8 to 1 if it spins in.

How about putting your money on the Six line bet which is almost the same a as the street bet but you are covering six numbers in each line, lay your chips on the outside of the six numbers in between each set of three numbers, you will get a payout worth 5 to 1 if any one of your picked six numbers spin in.

Be aware that any live roulette game will offer you the same payouts that is if they are using the single zero variant, and you are always in control as you can select your own value of your playing chips, therefore you can play for very small stakes should you wish or you can gold by increasing the value of your chips to anything which is within the maximum permitted stake allowed at each site, to ensure you know the table limits the minimum and maximum stakes you can place on each roulette game will be displayed on a small sign visible on the roulette table.

So join in the fun and games and let us hope that your chosen roulette numbers start to hit time and time again! But the only way to find out is to give the live roulette table some action so why don’t you do just that and see if today is going to be your lucky day at last!

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