Online Roulette

You will notice that several of our top rated online casinos, such as the Zodiac Casino site, offer their players the entire suite of Microgaming software powered casino games. When playing at Microgaming Casinos such as that one you will have the choice of playing their range of games via a fully downloadable gaming platform, a flash powered instant play platform and also you will have access to a mobile and live gaming platform!

Below are just some of the many different online Roulette games you will find at all of our handpicked UK casino sites, please do familiarize yourself with each of these games, for when you do you will soon spot the one game which is worth playing above all others!

American Roulette – Sadly the game of American Roulette offers players very poor value for money, two zeros on the wheel mean that the house edge on this variant is way too big, and in fact it works out at 5.26%, which is lower than many slot machines!

European Roulette – The most commonly played and available type of online Roulette game you will come across is the European variant. This is much like the Roulette game found in land based casino sites and has one single zero on the wheel, the house edge of this game is reasonable at 2.70%.

Live Roulette – The Live Roulette games on offer at online casinos is basically the European variant mentioned above. The only difference when playing a Live Roulette game is that you place your bets remotely onto a land based casinos table, and then watch the wheel being spun and the ball being sent into play via a video stream.

French Roulette – You need to track down and play the French Roulette game variant should you want to play the very best Roulette game and one that will give you the best chances of winning. If you play this game and opt to bet on the even money paying locations on the betting layout, then should a zero spin in those wagers stay on the table for the next spin and are not removed as losing ones!

The even money betting locations rule whenever a zero has been spun in reduced the house edge on the French Roulette game to a very low 1.35%, which makes it by far and away the most attractive and value packed Roulette games you can access and play online, so make sure that you play it!

Progressive Roulette – There is always going to be a huge and impressive jackpot attached to the Progressive Roulette games that you can play online, but you do need to be aware that you have to play a 1.00 side bet to on each spin of the wheel you make and play, by doing so you get to be paid a range of bonus payouts if one number spins in more than once consecutively. However, Progressive Roulette comes with a huge house edge due to that obligatory side bet!