Live Dealer Casinos

The main attraction of any live casino site found online is that you are going to be able to play against real live dealers or croupiers, and it may come as a surprise or not, as the case may be to learn that these dealers are in fact fully trained and in the casino of some of our UK licensed live casinos are also fully licensed by the Gambling Commission, so you really are playing casino games just like you would be doing in a land based casino when you are playing online.

By ensuring all live dealers are fully trained in the art of keeping the casino games running and playing smoothly you will always be getting just a good a casino game as you would if you popped into your local bricks and mortar casino, these dealers know their job inside out so you will not be getting any made up rules of poor dealing of the cards, they know exactly what their job is and they do it with a smile on their face!

In fact some of these live dealers are becoming minor celebrities more so on the live casinos which are also broadcast live on televisions channels across the world, and as such they are developing their own unique personas which really does add to the enjoyment of sitting down to play. Make sure you also checkout the live dealer profile pages should any dealer catch your eye, these profiles are offered by many live casinos and give a bit more information on each live dealer.

Fully Licensed Live Dealers

Whilst you may think anyone can sit down and be a dealer in a live casino, nothing is further than the truth, it takes years of practice before a dealer can make it onto t lice casino floor which many of them having worked they way up from trainee dealer, then working for several years in a land based casino, and then the cream of the crop being offered the role of live casino dealer.

In certain countries a live casino dealer must be fully trained and have obtained a dealers license from their local gaming commission, and in the case of some of our featured sites you will have a presenter who guides you through the workings of the live casino and then he passes the game over to the live dealer when the next game is about to start, this is due to the presenter of the show not being fully licensed and therefore unable to touch any of the cards or take part in any aspect of the casino games.

The venues in which the live casino games are broadcast from are also fully licensed and in the majority of cases these are real land based casinos, so it is quite possible that you will see customers of the casino in question wandering around in the back ground or even giving the live casino cameras a wave as they pass by, so don’t be alarmed if you see any of this!

Live Dealer Real Games

As with any form of gambling either online or offline you have to be 100% sure that you are going to at all times, are getting a completely genuine and fair game, unfortunately casino software driven casinos do not give you that element of fair gaming unlike live casinos where the dealer are real and you watch each game unfold before your very eyes.

If you haven’t tired the joys of live casino gaming then you really have been missing out on a lot of action, and they have not only got real dealers they have real winners every second of the day, so never leave your gambling to chance insist on only playing at live online casinos and watch the action in play 24 hours a day.

Remember we have personally checked out each and every live casino that is listed on our site that way we are more than confident you will experience the best the web has to offer whenever you log on to play, but do not just take our word for it give them a try yourself and you will soon get a feel for the way in which they play and operate and one you try live dealers in play you will never go back to playing any other way.

Take a few minutes to take a look at our live casino reviews we have loads of them dotted around this site and they will give you a deep insight into how each site works and operates and what you can expect should you become a new player of any of them, and with plenty of bonuses up for grabs you can use them to get yourself extended gaming sessions, and these could be the key to that winning session!

Live casinos also offer player comps much like both online and land based casinos so the more you play the more you will earn, every real money wager you make and place onto any live casino game will earn you comp points then when you have amassed enough of them you can then swap them for casino chips which you can then sit down and play with, checkout the respective websites of any of our live casinos to see what they are offering by way of casino comps and loyalty points we think you will be more than impressed by what you find at any of them, they are the best the web has to offer bar none!

Well there you have it, live casino dealers, when you next log on to play make sure you say hi to them as just like land based casino dealers they will always flip you a smile and you should always keep the dealer happy! An added benefit is that you will not have to tip them as you cannot flip them a chip back when you win, so that will be more money in your pocket!