Best Live Casinos

When it comes to choosing a good, well run live casino there are several things you should not only look for but demand from such a site, and we have compiled a quick glance guide below which should act as a form of requirement list which you should check against any potential live casino at which you are thinking of play at. Making sure the site offers all of the qualities listed below will ensure you have the ultimate online live casino gaming experience and will not run into any kind of problems, so grab a coffee and have a good read through the following to make sure you next online live casino playing session is an enjoyable one!

1. The first thing you should look for is where that casino is actually located, the best ones are based in land based casinos and once you ascertain where the live casino is you can then find out if they are fully licensed by that countries licensing authorities, many online casinos are in place that you will probably never heard of and as is often the case any such licensing authority they claim to be regulated by will be useless when it comes to providing any actual player protection, so if it is not licensed by a well known Gaming Commission then forget about even considering to play there as it is probably going to be more trouble than it is worth should you experience any kind of problems.

2. Be able to actually see the live casino games in action is what makes playing at any live casino so much fun, however some of the video streams used in such venues are so poor they are not worth watching, and could drop out at any moment, their is no excuse for a poor quality video streams especially taking into account todays high technology advancements, so make sure you get to view the game in play before making a deposit at just any old live casino site, and if they video broadcast is not 100% crystal clear then once again mark that live casino off your list of sites where you may be willing to play.

3. You will obviously be wanting to make a deposit into the live casino once you have chosen one that is worthy of your custom and as such whilst making a deposit into the casino is often the easiest part of playing online when it comes to cashing in your winnings this is when the problems almost always arise, so make sure that your preferred method of withdrawal is available even before you have made a deposit and when you sign up and register at the casino what ever you do fill in the sign up form accurately for any mistakes you make on the sign up form will be picked up by the live casinos security team and will cause you problems!

4. In regards to casino bonus es these can be a bit of a mine field at most online casinos and with this in mind you really do need to think long and hard about whether you want to claim any of them. Each and every one of them will have some form of play through requirement attached to them and only once you have read through the terms and conditions with a fine tooth comb and are happy with what is required of you should you have taken a bonus should you then claim it, 90% of all casino complaints are in regards to casino bonuses and as such you will be best of avoiding taking them if you don’t like the rules of them.

5. When you are seeking out a particular live casino game you need to be aware that they will be many different variants offered by live casinos and as such they do not all offer the same kind of game play rules and payouts, take the live casino game of Roulette for example some live casinos have a double zero American wheel and some have the single zero European wheel, every savvy Roulette player knows the European one if the game they should be playing as the house edge is lower than the American one and the lower the house edge the better your chances of winning will become. So carefully research which live casino games are offered and double check the payouts and game play rules to be certain you are getting the best valued variant of that game.

6. Always set yourself a budget when playing at either a live casino or in fact any form of online gambling site, you need to keep a level head when playing and most importantly play sensibly, it is very easy for you to get completely carried away when gambling online, so stick to your gambling budget and never spend more than you can afford to lose, if however you think you may be tempted to over spend then use one of the pre pay voucher systems to fund your live casino account such as Pay Safe Card or Ukash instead of using a debit or credit card, as these require you to purchase them from a shop and you can only ever spend the face value of the voucher you have purchased.

7. Relax and have fun when you are playing at a live casino, use thew chat room facility to interact with your fellow players and of course the casino staff, the whole idea of live gambling is for you to have plenty of fun and entertainment, so make sure you do just that and should you manage to get onto a winning streak then to ensure you get the best feeling in the world make a cash out and do not deposit again until your winnings appear in your bank account, play sensibly and have loads of fun, good luck!