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For those wondering what a live casino is then allow us to tell you that is is being able to play at real land based bricks and mortar casinos, but instead of physically being there you are playing remotely from your computer where ever that happens to be.

The structure of a live casino is one will allows players to see everything playing out in front of them which means when it comes to fair gaming between a player and the casino this is much greater than for example an online casinos which as it is software driven means instead of live casino action you are only getting computer graphics and a random number generator to arrive at the result of each card game played or spin of the roulette wheel.

As a live casino uses a video stream to show you everything that is happening in the live casino using a crystal clear live video broadcast means you can be completely confident that everything is exactly as it should be and no rigged or fixed games are being offered, which sadly is what more players tend to believe happens in a software driven online casino, so you can play with complete confidence at live casinos knowing that their games are completely beyond reproach.

Live casinos also boast chat facility which means players are able to chat to one another and also converse with the dealers and also the croupiers on the roulette table, this again bring their online gambling to live and makes it a less boring or even solitary experience than playing at a software driven casino.

The technology which is in play at a live casino is not really new, there have been live casinos from the early years of online gaming, but in those days internet speeds were much slower in those days and the technology used was old fashioned to say the least those original casinos offering live gambling never really took off, but as technology has improved and internet speeds have got to the point where they are lightening fast all of the live casinos on offer today give players much better graphics and this makes
playing at a live online casino a much more fun and enjoyable thing to do.

As there are so many different ways for people to gamble online such as at online casinos or the new mobile casinos and with the advent of live casinos players can often be left wondering which is the best way for them to get some gaming action and which sites offer the best way of doing just that.

Live casinos are definitely the way ahead and recently they have been more and more of them launched online and many of these are owned and operated by some of the biggest names in land based gambling companies.

Featured Online Casinos

Below you are going to find a round up of the live casinos which we feel offer you the best of everything in terms of live casino games, fast payouts and no matter which one of them you play at you are going to be able to experience the best live video streams, the best bonuses, and when you make your withdrawals after having a winning session then each and every one of them will pay you in the quickest possible time frame.

Lucky Live Casino – It may come as a surprise to learn that this live casino broadcasts from the a bricks and mortar land based casino in Dublin, in Ireland, you will find all of your favorite live casino game and with friendly dealers and croupiers you will have a great time playing with them.

Celtic Casino – By ensuring their army of players benefits from great big fat bonuses, fast payouts and everything they could ever need from a live online casino this casino will surpass your expectations in every aspect of their operation, so make sure you check them out at least.

Super Casino – Broadcasting live not only on the web but also via the channel 5 network you are never going to be far away from the live casino action, and with different welcome bonuses offered on different days of the week they always have something new to offer new players.

Castle Casino – This is one of the newer live casinos to spring into life coming online in the year 2010 they have become a serious force to be reckoned with and not matter what type of games you are seeking you will always be made to feel very welcome.

Genting Casino – One of the worlds biggest and best known land based gambling companies have brought out their own live casino, and that means you will be in excellent hands should of course you decide to give them some play time, bonuses come thick and fast and they are one of the fastest paying live casinos out there.

Games Available

At this moment in time the game selection at live online casinos is not massive, however those that are on available are the most popular ones around, these popular casino games include live roulette, and the one to play being the European version and not the American version.

This is due to the American variant having two zeros in play on the wheel and due to the straight up number wager paying out at odds of 35 to 1 just like the European roulette game you are getting a higher house edge on this American version as the
European version has just one zero.

Live Blackjack is the most popular game as many online blackjack players no longer enjoy playing against a software driven computer driven blackjack games.

You will also find the game of Baccarat offered in most if not all of our featured live online casinos, this game is simple to play and all you have to do is to pick which hand will win or that the game will end in a tie.