Aspers New Castle Casino

Covering over 45,000 square feet, you are going to be very hard pressed to find another land based casino venue in the North East of England that has such a huge amount of floor space than the Aspers Newcastle Casino site. This is one of the easiest to access sites and attracts customers from as far away as Scotland on are regular basis!

The reason why many gamers flock to play here is simple, this entire venue oozes class, and has been designed to offer everyone a relaxed atmosphere and a venue where you are going to be able to access and play exactly the type of casino games that interest you, for stake levels you are comfortable to play those games for, and some mega sized jackpots are also on offer and regularly won!

There are lots of special deals and promotions always available at this casino venue, as they have an excellent restaurant then why not make an evening of it and take advantage of their special promotion which will see two customers being able to have a slap up meal with one of those meals costing just one penny!

Make sure if you do visit this venue you take part in their Spin for a Million competition, you could win an instant cash prize worth £2500.00 simply by taking part and with prizes paid out instantly then if Lady Luck does smile on you, when taking part in this free to enter competition you really could be in the money without risking a penny of your own money!

What Casino Games are Available

There are three levels of the casino, in each area you will find a unique collection of games to play. This casino venue has progressive slot machines and slots offering large instantly won jackpots and all manner of different base and bonus games. You will also find plenty of different card and table games on offer so playing Roulette or Blackjack is always possible, and for stake levels that shouldn’t break your bank!

Can You Play Poker at the Aspers New castle Casino?

An area of the Aspers Newcastle Casino venue has been set aside for Poker players, and as such if you want to take part in a cash ring Poker game or take part in one of the many different Poker Tournaments being held here, you are always going to find a game structured to your liking.

How to Find or Contact the Aspers Newcastle Casino

The casino never closes and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and as mentioned about is very easy to get to by any form of transport. The address is Newgate Street, Newcastle upon Tyne and the post code if you are coming in a car and wish to let the Sat Nav do all the work for you is NE1 4XQ. You will also find direct bus services and public transport links are also available, so if you are planning on having a drink you will also be able to get back safe and sound!