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Please do have a read through this guide which is going to enlighten you to all of the many unique base and bonus game features that you will be awarded and can be triggered when playing any of the many different Microgaming Fruit Machines online.

We have split them up into two main categories, we will start by showcasing to you the base game features available on many Fruit Machines designed by Microgaming, and then we will move onto enlightening you on the many different main bonus features that can be triggered on these types of gaming machines.

Also listed below alongside each base and bonus game feature are a selection of actual Fruit Machines offering these features, so if you like the sound of any of them you will instantly know which games have them on offer!

Base Game Fruit Machine Features

Let us now give you an overview of the most commonly awarded base game bonus  features that you are likely to be awarded repeatedly when playing many of microgaming casinos range of online Fruit Machines.

These base game features are high hit frequency ones so you can be awarded with them on consecutive games time and time again!

Please do also take a look at our Fruit Machine Terms and Sayings guide for it contains lots of additional information in regards to how some of these bonus games and bonus features work and play.

Hold Features – The Hold feature will permit you to pick any of the reels to lock into place for the next spin. If you have spun in a winning combination and the Hold lights illuminate then you should always hold the reels containing the winning combination, as you will then be awarded that winning payout on the next spin!

Nudge Features – At the end of any single spin you have played off you may be awarded the Nudge feature.

When it has been awarded, the three buttons located underneath each reel will flash and on the main game screen will be displayed the number of nudges you have been awarded with.

When triggered you then simply click on the Nudge button underneath any of the reels and each click will move the corresponding reel downwards one step, the aim being you manage to use your awarded number of Nudges to complete a winning combination.

Bonus Trail Position – Some Fruit Machines have a Number Trail located on the screen underneath the reels.

Some of the reel symbols have little numbers attached to them, and when one of these symbols spins in those numbers move you along the Number Trail.

One position on this trail is the Bonus position, and when you land on that a series of additional features will flash on the Fruit Machines display panel.

When this happens you have to click on the Stop button and whichever additional feature then shown on the display panel is the one awarded to you.

These additional features could move you further up the trail or could move you back down the trail, or you could be lucky and instantly trigger the main bonus game!

Win Spins – Quite a number of Fruit Machines have been designed to award you with Win Spins instead of simply awarding a cash payout when you spin in a winning combination on the win line.

Should you be playing such a game, and you spin in a winning combination then dependent on which winning combination spins in you will then get to play an additional multi line slot via the bonus game screen.

Each Win Spin awarded via the base game winning combination is guaranteed to be winning ones on that bonus slot.

The Ski Bunny Fruit Machine is one such game which is structured in this way, and when playing it you can put into play one of three different pay tables, on which either low or high numbers of Win Spins can be awarded!

Fruit Machine Bonus Games

The main bonus games which you will be hoping to trigger when playing any online Fruit Machine do tend to be triggered much more frequently on these types of games.

When playing standard casino bonus game awarding video slots you can often go hundreds of spins without being awarded that games main bonus feature!

However, when playing any of Microgaming’s many different Fruit Machines you should trigger the main bonus games very frequently, often on consecutive spins, and this is the reason these types of slot games are proving to be very popular, as they are much more entertaining games to play.

Below are the main bonus games you can trigger on lots of Fruit Machines found in the suite of games offered by Microgaming. Be aware that these bonus games can also trigger other bonus features as you are playing them, so it would be advisable or you to give those listed games some play time for free to get the hang of how they play before playing them for real!

Bonus Boards – The Bonus Board bonus game will see you having to roll a dice or spin a number reel to determine just how many positions around the board you will move. Each position on a Bonus Board will offer you one of many different additional features.

You could land on a cash award, and each time you do the amount of cash awarded will be added to a cash pot. A set of nudges could also be awarded as you land on certain positions, and these are added to a Nudge Pot.

You may also land on a Feature position and when you do you will find a listing of bonus features which can be awarded, each time you land on one of these positions the type of bonus feature you can utilize changes, and usually the better paying ones are higher up the list!

Be aware though that you need to use your skill and judgement to decide when to collect the accumulated cash amounts, nudges or features, for you run a risk of losing them all if you land on one of the Game Over positions on the bonus board!

Bonus Ladders – One of the more exciting Fruit Machine main bonus games that can be triggered are the Bonus Ladder games. When you are awarded one of these features they can work in one of two different ways.

You will either have to play a game of higher or lower, whereby you have to guess whether when you spin a number reel the next number that spins in is going to be higher or lower than the previous one, a correct guess moves you up the corresponding Bonus Ladder and an incorrect one will result in the bonus game instantly ending!

When you are awarded a Bonus Ladder bonus game you can win cash prizes, nudges or additional bonus features. The higher you get on the Bonus Ladders the better the winning payouts via the cash awarded or bonus features will be awarded, or in the case of the Nudges you will win more of them the higher you get on that Bonus Ladder!

Take it or Leave It – One final main bonus game which can be triggered is a Take it or Leave it type of bonus game.

This is found exclusive on Microgaming’s Deep Sea Dosh Fruit Machine. This bonus game is awarded completely at random and when triggered you play a game much like the television game show Deal or No Deal.

You have to select a number of treasure Chests off the screen, and once picked each one your pick will reveal a cash prize, based on which ones have been removed and which ones remain a cash offer is presented to you which you can collect or refuse, refusing a cash offer will then see you having to remove another set of Treasure Chests and once completed another cash offer will be yours to take or leave!