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Just like you will find with any online gambling site the number of ways to send funds directly into a live online casino is numerous, and as a service to all of our readers and website visitors we have compiled the guide below to let you find out quickly and easily which ones are available at our featured sites and to give you a little more information on what each options entails etc, so give it a good read through as we just know you will find one at least that will suit how you wish to fund you live casino account!

MasterCard Pre Paid Card – A new way for players to be able to quickly and easily deposit into a live casino is by using a pre paid MasterCard, by using one of these enables you to have full control over your gambling expenses as you can only ever spend what you have loaded onto the card, should you win and wish to make a withdrawal after you have made a deposit with a prepaid MasterCard then you are going to have to pick one of the available methods offered at that casino as funds cannot be sent back and credited to such pre paid cards.

Visa Prepaid Card – These are for all intents and purposes identical to the card mentioned above, you load them up in shops and then can send money to any live casino you choose, winnings can sometimes be credited back to these types of cards meaning you can then use the card to spend those winnings in any shop displaying the Visa Card logo.

Visa Debit Card – Most banks these days give their customers a visa debit card when they open a current account and due to recent changes in regards to the time limits for crediting refunds and winnings back on to the card means that if you use a visa card to withdraw your winnings from any of our featured live casinos then you will see them credited back onto the cards swiftly sometimes in a few hours and certainly no later than a day!

Visa Credit Card – Another quick and easy way to deposit funds into your live casino account is by making a deposit with a visa credit card, but you will need to be aware that many banks will now classify each and every gambling transaction you make on such a card to be a cash advance and therefore they are likely to charge you a transaction fee, so it is advisable foe you to check with your credit card issuer to see if there are any fees with using your visa credit card as a way to fund your gambling.

Entro Pay – Here we have a virtual debit card provider, by using it you will never have to disclose your bank details to either an online or a live casino site, so if that sounds preferable to you become a member of Entro Pay, and one you have funded you Entro Pay account they will then issue you with a one time usable visa card number, which will enable you to fund your live casino account, and once you have used the card you simply destroy the virtual credit card number.

Money Bookers/Skrill – Moneybookers now go by the name of Skrill, and their service is that of an online e-wallet type account which lets all online gamblers keep all of their gambling bankrolls and budgets in one place, you can use your Skrill account to not fund your live and online casino accounts plus it also offers you the ability to have your winnings sent back to your Skrill account.

EcoCard– This is another very popular and much used web wallet type account that will let you send money into and transfer money out of any live casino, be aware that their rather large fees for processing may put you off, but if you are seeking an easy to use e-wallet to use then they offer good and reliable service.

Click2Pay– Not one of the major web wallets by a long shot however they are very reliable and allow you to fund your online gambling from their online site, it will take a a while however for your withdrawals to reach your Click2Pay account so players only tend to use them when they have no other ways of depositing!

Ukash – A really simple way for you to transfer money to an online gambling site and Ukash are a completely reliable way for you to control your gambling budget. You can purchase Ukash vouchers at most shops which display either the Pay Point or Pay Zone logo.

To buy the Ukash vouchers ask the shop assistant to give you a Ukash voucher to the Value of your own choosing, pay them your money and they will then issue you wish a voucher that has a nineteen digit unit code on it, then all that remains for you to do is to log into the live casino and launch the cashiers page, enter the 19 digit code along with the amount of the voucher and in seconds your money will be in your casino account.

You will not however be able to transfer any winnings you make back to your Ukash voucher so you will have to request them to be sent to you another way such as a bank wire or a cheque or to any e-wallet you may have access to.

Pay Safe Card – A Pay Safe Card works in much the same way as a Ukash voucher does and they can be bought quickly and easily in your local store or shop.

Neteller – They offer a web wallet type account used by a huge number of online gamblers, who like the fact that they give you a prepaid MasterCard which is linked to your Neteller account and as such you can then go out and withdraw your winnings from any ATM or spend money available in your Neteller account balance at any shop which accepts MasterCard, the fees are quite reasonable with Neteller and many players prefer using it as all live casino withdrawals are quick and it is a highly secure way to send money to and from any live or online casino.