Blackjack Payout

Being one of our most trusted live casino sites Super Casino can be completely relied on to give you a fully rounded online gambling experience and in regard to their many live casino games they truly are second to no one, one game which has proved to be the most popular casino card game at this site is their live Blackjack table, and here you can play the game just like you would in a land based casino.

Now we are fully aware that not everyone has played Blackjack before and you may be a little confused when you see the game in play live for the first time, however to give you a better understanding of all of the payouts you are going to get we have compiled this very easy to understand guide below which will answer all of you questions and give you a much better understand of the games payouts and rules etc.

Let us begin by telling you that when playing live Blackjack is that you are able to set the stake levels you are playing for yourself, and you will see a minimum and maximum permitted stake sign on each live table at which you play at and as long as your wager falls in between these two amounts then you are playing legally and your wager will be accepted.

To get your money down all you have to do is to simply point and click your chip or chips in the betting box that is located right in front of you on the live blackjack table layout then when the time comes that you all the other players have placed their wagers the dealer will begin the game by dealing out the cards, all of the players will get two cards dealt to them and they are dealt out face upwards, the dealer give herself one face up card and then each player will have to take it in turn to decide how they wish to play their hand.

Standing a Hand – Should you be happy with you cards you will simply need to stand them which means you stick with the cards you have and no further cards are going to be dealt to you, to do this all you have to do is to click on the stand button when it is your turn to make a decision, the dealer will then move onto another player.

Double Down a Hand – Should you wish to receive another playing card then to do this you could opt to make the double down wager , here you will need to place another wager onto the table, this has to be equal to the amount than that of your initial stake for that game, once placed this then you will be dealt that additional card by the Dealer.

Hitting a Hand – To Hit a hand means that you will be dealt an additional card from the dealer, but this card is free not like the double down wager above where you will have to pay for the extra card, by hitting your hand your extra cards are totally free, plus you can keep hitting until you are happy with the total amount of your hand in terms of the value of it, but care should be taken as you may bust out your hand if you hit and the value of it goes over a total of twenty one!

Splitting a Hand – Many different types of live Blackjack games will let you split your hand should it contain a pair of two matching cards which share the same value such as King and a Jack etc, when you have chosen to split a hand your first two cards are separated and these are then classed as two new hands with one extra being dealt to each one, when you have decided to split a hand you need to place a new wager equal to your initial wager onto the table to cover this new hand, occasionally you can keep on splitting a hand however should you have been dealt a pair of aces then only one card will be dealt to each of them and they can never be re-split.

Surrendering a Hand – One or two of the many live blackjack games permit you to make a move known as surrendering your hand when you feel it has no chance of winning, when taking this betting move you are effectively giving the hand up and will not be able to play it once surrendered and one you give up your hand you will be given back half of your initial stake by the Dealer as a form of compensation.

Taking Insurance – Should the hand the dealer is holding be a possible Blackjack hand the dealer is going to offer you the very poor value insurance wager, this bet entails you placing a wager which has to be half the value as your initial wager made and if the dealer ends up having a blackjack hand which is any oh the ten valued cards and an ace then you get paid out at odds of 2 to 1.

Overview of Blackjack Pay Backs

It won’t take you long to learn the potential pay backs and pay outs available when playing live Blackjack but to give you a better understand we have listed below for you all of them so make sure you spend some time giving them a look through them and you will then be aware of what you can and will receive when you hit ceratin winning hands.

Non Blackjack Hands – Should have a winning hand then you get yourself a payout worth even money of your staked amount, so if you have wagered 1.00 and your hand wins you will get a payout of 2.00.

Blackjack Hand – If you are lucky enough to have been given by the dealer a blackjack hand this being any ten card and an ace an the dealers hand isn’t a blackjack hand then you will get a payout which is worth 3 to 2 of your staked amount so if you have bet 4.00 then you will get 10.00 back as the winning payout.

Insurance Bet – The Insurance wager when placed and successful will see players receiving a payout worth 2 to 1 of your staked amount this staked amount has to be be exactly half of your initial staked amount so if your insurance wager is 10.00 and it wins then you will get back 30.00