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Not everyone has an understanding or enjoys playing Baccarat but if this is one of your favourite games then by playing it online in a live format you are going to have a really enjoyable gaming session and one site which we think of highly is the much respected Super Casino who have made great strides over the past few years to ensure that any one playing Baccarat at their live casinos gets a really enjoyable gaming session.

Should you be new to playing Baccarat then how about giving the game a try and to help you along a little you will find everything about this fun to play game below via an easy to follow and understand guide, take a good long look through it and in no time you will be online and playing like a professional, well let us hope you do!

The Super Casino is a state of the art live casino and as such you will be able to sit down and play this entertaining casino card game just like you would on a software driven online casino, but there are of course some differences one of which is that when playing on a software driven, RNG controlled game you are playing against a computer but when you play at the live casino there are going to be real live dealers placing real cards right in front of you and you can keep track of everything that happens on the Baccarat table via a crystal clear live video stream broadcast just like watching a television.

The quality of live video streaming has become more advance recently and it is due to the fact that nearly everyone now has access to much faster internet connections therefore these live games to be brought to life and in crystal clear clarity, live casino gambling is not really a new invention as their have been one or two of them available years ago but as most people only had in the early days of the internet, dial up internet connections available the quality of the video stream was very poor and live casinos didn’t take off in those early days for that reason, if you can’t see the dealers and the cards why bother!

Due to faster internet connections and with some well known many land based, and highly trusted gambling companies having now gone online and launched their very own live casinos you will have a larger sense of trust due to these respected companies now offering their own live casinos and this means you as a player can be confident that you are always receiving a fair and honest game, something which they could never be one hundred percentage sure that you were getting, with software driven casino games.

Sitting down and giving the game of Baccarat some play time on a live casino can be much more fun than at a standard online casino due to the fact that you will also be able to talk via chat to not only your fellow players but also the casino staff and the baccarat dealers in particular who are always up for some fun, whilst being able to see all the action play out directly in front of you via the live stream but you can also play a set of other casino games alongside the live tables should you so wish.

Don;t be afraid of playing live Baccarat, and to should you what is involved we have a full easy to read guide below on how the game is played, and as you are about to discover it is very easy to understand and play and it isn’t going to take long to get your head around the game and in no time at all you will be playing like the best of them!

Play Live Casino Baccarat

The fun to play game of Baccarat is a popular casino card game, and before the game starts you will need to choose which one of three possible outcomes for that particular game which you are about to play and the one you choose is your betting decision. These three betting propositions are either that the game will end in a Draw or that either the Bankers Hand or the Players Hand will win the game.

After you have decided on which hand you think is going to win then all you need to do is to place your chips onto the table layout, when playing at Super Casino this is a simple procedure done by simply pointing your mouse onto one of the betting boxes and clicking your chips onto the betting box.

After everyone sat around the table has made their betting decisions the dealer will then set the game in motion, you will not be able to place any more wagers onto the Baccarat table once the game has started so don’t try to!

The dealer will then start to deal out the cards and will effectively end up making two hands, these being both the Bankers hand and the Players hand, the aim of the game is hope that your chosen hand will get as close to a score to a total a nine as possible, and in the game of Baccarat each and every one of the the Ten valued cards are worth zero with all other cards being their face value, an Ace is one, A seven is worth seven etc.

Both the Bankers and Dealers hands will be dealt initially two cards each and there are some times when an additional card will be dealt to one of both hands, after the dealer has finished dealing as per the game play rules each hand is totalled up and the best scoring hand is going to be the winning one.

However there will be times when both hands get the same value then the outcome of that game is classified as a Tie or a Draw, and as such the winning bet will be paid to those players who have placed a Tie wager.

The pay backs which are awarded for a winning Bankers hand are simple to understand and this is even money as it the Players hand, but be aware when you win on the Bankers hand you have to pay a 5% house commission. The payouts awarded should you have wagered on the Tied hand will vary from live casino to live casino so make sure you checkout what this bet is offering by way of payouts as there can be some variations on these payouts for the Tied bet.

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